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* 1. How often do you attend Minnesota Mosaic Guild (MMG) meetings?

* 2. If you don't go every month, why not?

* 3. Are you aware...

* 4. Why are you interested in the MMG? What would you like it to be for you? Mission statement ideas?

* 5. Many people say it would be easier to attend meetings if they were always at the same location. Do you have any contacts or know of anywhere that might be willing to let us meet there (always the 2nd Wed of month)? Could be a community center, a church, a restaurant where we can have large groups, etc... Near the center of the cities would make the meetings more accessible to all. Can you please help and maybe even make some phone calls? (Free would be nice...) Thank you!

* 6. We need topic ideas! What would you like to discuss or learn about? Could you (please) show us something you do? Some topics might require hiring a speaker. That's okay! Please list all the ideas you can think of. List them below, and if you would be willing to lead a discussion on a topic, let us know. Brainstorm and dig deep! :)

* 7. How would you like to see the Guild organized?

* 8. How can you help?

(By the way, some people currently in these positions have been doing an AWESOME job and I know we would all like to have them continue!)

* 9. Please comment on anything else that you didn't get to above. We want this to be a happy and fulfilling group. We can't make that happen without knowing what people are thinking. Thank you so much for taking time to fill this out!

* 10. Your name (this is optional but encouraged. There are questions about volunteering, so if you want to do that, be sure to put your name)