I-START Background
Thank you for your interest in our program. Began in 2008, the I-START program is a collaboration between the Internationals Network for Public Schools, Long Island University, the NYC Teaching Fellows Program, and the New York City Department of Education to prepare highly qualified teachers of English Language Learners (ELLs). It is the first urban teacher residency in New York to provide pre- and post-program placement, induction and support activities to new teachers of ELLs while they complete a master's degree program in TESOL and secure New York State teaching certification.
The Purpose of I-START
I-START is designed to address the need for high qualified teachers of ELLs by providing yearlong teaching apprenticeships in several of our highly performing International High Schools throughout New York City while completing a Master's Degree at Long Island University (LIU). The university courses enable residents to place their experience in the International High Schools in the context of current theory, practice and research. During the second year of the program, residents are teachers of record either at an International or other New York City public school serving high populations of ELLs. While working as a teacher of record, participants receive mentoring support and continue their LIU coursework. After completing a Master's Degree in TESOL at LIU, and passing mandated certification exams, apprentices qualify for New York State Certification in TESOL grades K through 12.

Please review the more detailed information about the I-START program on our website in case if you have additional questions. Should you have any questions while working on your application, please contact us at istart@internationalsnetwork.org

2014-2015 I-START Application
This part of the I-START application consists of contact information, a series of eligibility questions, and one short essay. Please make sure to respond to all questions. Upon completion of your application, email your essay, resume and transcript to applications@internationalsnetwork.org.

* 1. Applicant Information