The Affordable Housing Initiative (AHI) works to make sure social and affordable housing facilities also benefit from the Renovation Wave. It aims at guaranteeing that affordable and social housing projects in Europe have access to the necessary project support to go the extra mile in areas such as circular and modular building, social innovation and resident empowerment. The European Affordable Housing Consortium (SHAPE-EU) acts as the first building bloc of the AHI. It acts as a hub where useful examples, guidelines and funding and policy information are being collected and disseminated. It also brings together different partners that are able offer local actors the necessary know-how and expertise.
Professionals or managers in social housing, local authorities and construction SMEs involved in renovation projects are eligible to receive tailored support by carefully selected AHI experts. These experts have led innovative projects themselves and are ready to support in a number of key topics (listed below). Accepted applications will benefit from a tailored mentorship programme: based on the expert’s practical experience, the mentee will be guided towards solving a commonly agreed problem in their renovation or construction project.
If you would like to receive support from our experts, please answer the following questions. These will be used to ensure you have all the necessary information and find the right expert to help you.

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