Gayle and Sally, GIFT Family Services, LLC

We are two adoptive parents who want to help faith communities become Adoption-attuned. To accomplish this, we are writing a book that uplifts the voices and perspectives of those with the greatest insight: you, adult adoptees. Thank you for sharing your personal experiences with us. Feel free to pass this survey to other adoptees who also may be interested in sharing their experiences. Your input is valuable to us and much appreciated.  Gayle and Sally, GIFT Family Services, LLC.

* 1. How well has your faith community served your needs?

* 2. What role has your faith played in your family life?

* 3. To what extent did adoption affect your response to Scripture, Biblical themes and rituals?

* 4. List any specific liturgy, ritual, Biblical theme that resonated and/or challenged you as an adoptee.

* 5. How would you suggest faith communities might better address the adoptee experience?

* 6. What is your first and last name?

* 7. What is your email address?

* 8. Please share any additional thoughts which you might have on the topic of faith and adoption.

* 9. If we quote you, Would you like to stay anonymous?