Service-Learning Survey 2013

Thanks for your interest in this survey. It's a follow-up to a statewide survey we conducted in February 2012. It will help us get a snapshot of service-learning in Iowa as Keep Iowa Beautiful and partners work to expand and enhance it.
We want to collect input from kids, teachers, administrators, community members, so whoever you are, please complete the survey to the best of your knowledge, and forward it to your friends for their input.

* 1. Does your school or organization have a service-learning program?

* 2. During high school, about how many hours of service do students complete?

* 3. Please rank these service-learning projects from most (1) to least popular.

* 4. Does your school/organization recognize student volunteer efforts with a certificate or Silver Cord at graduation?

* 5. Please choose the best answer to the following. Do adult mentors work with young people to...

  Yes No Not sure
...INVESTIGATE community needs as part of developing their service projects?
...PLAN relevant service projects?
...carry out the ACTION of their service projects?
...REFLECT ON their service projects?
...DEMONSTRATE the results of their service projects?
...CELEBRATE service projects with young people?

* 6. Please rate your agreement with the following statements. Our service program—

  Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
Enhances the reputation of my organization or school
Improves learning outcomes
Leads students to be active community members
Has a positive impact in the community
Develops positive partnerships with other organizations
Needs better networking with community organizations
Needs better linkages with learning outcomes
Needs more time for student reflection
Needs more tools for student reflection
Needs help assessing the effect of service projects on the community
Needs to use the IPARDC framework more effectively

* 7. Please rate your familiarity and involvement in the following events--

  Never heard of it Have heard of it Have participated in it Participate every year
Global Youth Service Day
Make a Difference Day
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service
Semester of Service
United We Serve: 9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance

* 8. What is best about your service-learning program?

* 9. Please tell us a little about yourself.