Public art has been an important part of the civic fabric of Frederick city and county for many years. The Dough Boy monument in Emmitsburg, Francis Scott Key Memorial in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Community Bridge and Sky Stage downtown, and many projects in between are examples of how an artist’s creativity and community involvement can have a long-term placemaking impact.

This year the Frederick Arts Council is exploring how to bring more public art to Frederick — the City as well as towns and other areas throughout the County. You can learn more about the process by clicking on this link.

This survey gives Frederick residents a chance to share their thoughts about what public art can accomplish for Frederick and what the best opportunities for new projects might be. Your answers to these questions will help shape the direction of the plan. Thank you for taking a few minutes to answer them.

* 1. What public art in Frederick city or county do you like the best?

* 2. What public artwork have you seen elsewhere that is a great example of what Frederick should aspire to? Why?

* 3. Why is public art important for Frederick city and county? Public art can:
Rank each statement on a scale of one (lowest) to five (highest).

  1 2 3 4 5
Enhance the appearance and use of public spaces
Make a statement about who we are
Help attract businesses, residents and visitors
Connect different groups of people in the City and County
Create a “wow” factor
Give pride to residents
Stimulate dialogue within and across different cultural and social circles
Inspire civic leadership by revealing stories of individual and community accomplishment
Expand people’s interests in art and the ideas behind the artworks
Attract visitors interested in culture and heritage

* 4. What are the unique aspects of Frederick (city or county) that would be interesting for an artist to explore?
Rank each statement on a scale of one (lowest) to five (highest).

  1 2 3 4 5
Historic towns and villages
History and heritage
Diverse cultures
Agricultural landscapes and countryside
Mountains, valleys and waterways
Research, technology and related businesses
Artists, artisans, designers and similar entrepreneurs
Sustainability initiatives related to energy, water and waste

* 5. Tell us about something unique about Frederick (city or county) that an artist might want to know. It could be:
•      a person – someone who’s famous or someone who’s interesting,
•      a special place, perhaps known only to locals,
•      a part of the story about how Frederick came to be the way it is now,
•      an important tradition, or
•      an unusual business.

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