* 1. Compared to our competitors, are our bearing prices fair?

* 2. Does our bearing quality meet your expectation?

* 3. Would you rather pay 50% - 100% more to get premium quality bearings such as those made by NSK, SKF?

* 4. Is our shipping charge of $3.50 fair?

* 5. Are you happy with our delivery time?

* 6. Does our way of packaging the bearings meet your expectation?

* 7. Are you happy with our communication during the purchase? (Incl. emails and/or phone calls)

* 8. Do you find our website difficult to use? (Incl. search for bearings, navigation, checkout process, speed etc)

* 9. Would the lack of bearing rating info such as static and dynamic load ratings put you off from buying the bearings?

* 10. Does our range of products meet all your bearing need? (You can choose more than 1)

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