The following annual technology questionnaire is being administered to all Vermont schools during the month of June 2018.  The data collected serves a vital need in keeping the Vermont Agency of Education and other public entities abreast of the school-based education technology status.  The survey contains questions related to three main topic areas:  Internet access, one-to-one computing, and cloud storage.  In a cooperative effort with other entities related to school technology, additional questions are included at the end.


The Agency of Education is requiring schools to provide the information contained herein to the best of their ability.  Responses must be made for each individual school, NOT for the Supervisory Union.  Please use the most recent school year as your reference point when responding to questions regarding personnel actions, i.e. professional development, etc.  Realizing that often there are updates/upgrades done over the summer,  for Internet access related questions please indicate the service level you anticipate will be available at your school on September 1, 2018.  If that is not known, simply indicate the current status.  For student device related questions please use the estimated numbers you anticipate when school opens in August or September of 2018.  Again, if that is not known, use current numbers.


Number of Questions................................... 38

Avg. Time to Complete................... 18 minutes

Due Date..................................... June 30, 2018

Note:  The survey works on your IP address of your computer. If you leave the survey and come back, do so on the same machine and you should be fine.  The best scenario to complete the survey is to review all of the questions from the .pdf version, make a few notes, and then complete it in one sitting. 
Survey Preview 2018


Peter Drescher
Education Technology Coordinator
Vermont Agency of Education