* 1. What is your role at LUMC?

* 2. What programs at LUMC are critically important?

* 3. Have you seen or heard of programs at other churches that you would like LUMC to have?

* 4. What additional programs, if any, would you like to see offered by LUMC?

* 5. What programs, if any, do you believe should be removed from LUMC?

* 6. Should events be expanded for Holidays more than they are currently?

* 7. What one thing could LUMC do to further enrich your spiritual life?

* 8. Do you volunteer for LUMC programs?

* 9. Are you part of an LUMC committee?

* 10. What do you need to get more involved in church related volunteer opportunities?

* 11. How would you suggest for LUMC to improve volunteer numbers?

* 12. Are you a member of the Anchor Men's group?

* 13. If there were a regular meeting of the LUMC Women's group, would you participate?

* 14. What would motivate you to get more involved in church activities, such as small groups?

* 15. What would motivate you to invite others to join you at more activities, such as Anchor (if applicable)?

* 16. When would you prefer to attend a class or small group at LUMC?

* 17. Do you participate in LUMC missions?

* 18. Do you feel the amount (number and type) of mission work conducted at LUMC is sufficient?

0 Not enough mission work 50 An adequate amount of mission work
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 19. What mission work do you perceive to be the most important at LUMC?

* 20. How would you envision the expansion, if possible, of LUMC's mission work?

* 21. Do your youth attend LUMC programs?

* 22. Do your children attend LUMC programs?

* 23. What would motivate or motivated you to enroll your child in LUMC pre-k or elementary programs?

* 24. What other organizations, if any, are you involved with that use the church facilities?

* 25. Please add any additional thoughts that you would like to contribute.