1. TSSA christmas gift for LUL members fighting for a better tube.

TSSA members in LUL are involved in a historic fight to save jobs and defend London's tube service.

This fight has seen TSSA members take four days of successful strike action in 2010. This has not come without cost, so in the run up to the festive season we want to say thank you, on behalf of all TSSA members, to those of our LUL members who respected the picket lines, with a small gift. A gift voucher that can be redeemed at many high street stores.

So if you have been involved in the fight for jobs and safety on London's tube then please register below.

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* 1. I would like to register for a Christmas gift from TSSA

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* 2. Please send my gift to:

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* 4. Naturally, this thank you gift, funded by other members donations, is only available to those who supported the strike action.

Please indicate whether you supported the strikes on the following days.

  On strike, Not on strike but not at work I went to work
6/7 September
3/4 October
2/3 November
28/29 November

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* 5. My local rep is?