This survey is a tool for organizing the information that will appear on the "Our Team" pages of Please take a few minutes to thoughtfully complete each question.

Your responses may be copied and pasted directly from this survey, so please check your spelling, grammar, capitalization and accuracy.  While you may be able to complete this in less than 10 minutes, you may also find some questions that you want to give additional consideration before submitting.  That's fine.  Take as much time as you would like.  If you exit before completing it you can come back in and resume where you left off, or edit any prior answers. Only after you hit "Done" at the end will your answers be reviewed for website inclusion.

Please note that completing this survey, while required for your inclusion on our website, does not guarantee your inclusion.  Inclusion on our website is subject to meeting certain criteria consistent with the mission, objectives and policies of the Texas Consilium. The information you enter, if included, is also subject to editing for style, accuracy or other reasons.

If you have questions, please contact Jim Ratchford, Executive Director, at

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* 1. Your Name:

First Last, the name that you would prefer to be called.  You may include a suffix (Jr, Sr, etc).  Do not include official designations such as CPA, MBA, etc. Your LinkedIn link will allow you to provide all of those details.

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* 2. What is your area of expertise?

Three words and 50 characters or less.  Make it broad or make it narrow, but make it intriguing and attractive.  Feel free to be creative.  This is not a job title -- it's the reason a business would hire you.  To reinforce that Texas Consilium is in the business of business improvement, try starting what you do with the word "Improving _____________________...."

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* 5. Please provide your public LinkedIn profile URL:

You will find your LinkedIn link on your LinkedIn page under your photo.  It should look something like:

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* 6. Please provide a brief bio of yourself:

Write your brief bio in third person using your first name. You will have room for 1,000 characters, or about 200 words, so focus on the important things. Your LinkedIn page can be your means to expand on what you say here, and add more details. The purpose of your bio here is to entice viewers to want to continue to your LinkedIn details.

You might consider including what type of results you help to create, wins or milestones in your career related to your current service offering, why you care, what you are passionate about, or your personal mission and objectives.  Be truthful, and be you.

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* 8. Third-Party Testimonial:

We need one great testimonial about your professional work.  You can copy and paste a recommendation from your LinkedIn page, or copy from a reference letter, or transcribed from a client interview.  It needs to be real, and not from your mother. If you don't currently have a suitable, verifiable testimonial, see if one of your clients or co-workers will add a recommendation to your LinkedIn page that you can use.  It can be up to 300 characters in length.

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* 9. To whom should this testimonial or recommendation be attributed?

Name, Title and Business.  If you can't provide any of this for confidentiality reasons, do the best you can. Anonymous testimonials or recommendations are always suspect, so let's let the world know who said it.