What’s this survey about?

GMFA has recently set up two different services around HIV testing.

The first service allows people to pick a month that they think would be a good time for them to test for HIV. We then send them a reminder to go for a test that month.

The second service is a free HIV testing kit that people can use at home. Unfortunately the service is only available for gay and bisexual men in London.

We want to know what messages will be most effective at motivating gay men to take an HIV test.

In order to do this, we are going to show you twelve different statements about HIV or HIV testing. All the statements are true.

We want you to tell us whether or not these statements genuinely motivate you to go for an HIV test. If they don't we want to hear that too.

If you have already been diagnosed with HIV, try and remember what motivated you to test before you got diagnosed.

Thanks for your help.