As a part of the Cedar Valley community, you may have noticed the changes happening in downtown Waterloo over the last few years. These changes include new restaurants, bars, and apartments on East 4th Street, the RiverLoop Exposition Grounds and Public Market, the RiverLoop waterfront trail system, the Center for the Arts Youth Pavilion, and a general trend of redevelopment and reinvestment. This work is part of a carefully orchestrated downtown revitalization effort spearheaded by the City of Waterloo, the Waterloo Development Corporation, and Main Street Waterloo. All of this work has been aimed at making downtown Waterloo a better place to live, work, and play.

Now that the recreational and entertainment amenities in downtown Waterloo are beginning to pick up steam, the revitalization partners are turning their attention to downtown living options. With the recent success of the Winterbottom condos (located adjacent to the Deere Westfield site) and upper floor housing along 4th Street, it has become apparent that local residents are looking for urban living choices in the heart of Waterloo. Adding this residential development will bring the around-the-clock activity to Waterloo necessary to make businesses thrive.

Today several developers are interested and are pursuing the development of downtown urban housing. In order to help them know what to build and where to build it, we are working with several major area employers to survey employees regarding housing preferences.

We invite you to fill out the following survey and give us your thoughts about downtown living. If you are not currently interested in downtown living, we invite you to tell us what changes in your life or in downtown Waterloo would be necessary to pique your interest. Your input will be anonymous and confidential – it will be used in order to attract the right mix of uses to downtown Waterloo and make our community a better place to live, work, and visit.

To ensure accurate results, this survey may only be filled out once per computer.

For more information, please contact:

Main Street Waterloo


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