About this form

This form is for proposal submissions to the inaugural Charting Our Future Conference. This year's theme is race, justice, and our education system. Please visit our Call for Proposals for a full description. 

The purpose of the conference is to help residents, parents, educators, students, and community Graduate Tacoma partners carry out their responsibilities and develop new ideas to help every child achieve success. We will prioritize proposals that are dynamic, cross-organizational and collaborative over those promoting a single product, program, organization, or service.

Sessions should focus on lessons learned, challenges and issues encountered and how those were addressed. Sessions should not be a “show and tell.”

Proposals must demonstrate that either 45 minutes or 75 minutes are incorporated for discussion and interaction. Panels should not be “talking heads” but rather allow sufficient time for adequate discussion and exchange between all in attendance.

We will give preference to sessions that include multiple and diverse perspectives. Student perspectives are most welcome.
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