* 1. Your name and role for the event.
Example: Angie Suhre, Service Unit Event Coordinator

* 2. Which Service Unit are you a part of?
If you are not sure, please scroll to the bottom of the list and type in the city/town you are from.

* 3. Name of Event

* 4. Date of Event

* 5. Location of Event (city and place).
Example: Camp Torqua, Edwardsville

* 6. How many troops attended the event?

* 7. How many Girl Scouts attended the event?

* 8. How many adults attended the event?

* 9. Let us know the event went! Please give us a short recap of the event. Did the girls work towards an award? Did they do community service? Learn something new? Have a good time?

* 10. Any additional comments?