* 1. What is your job title/ role?

* 2. If you are a Trainee, please enter your year and grade of training.

* 3. Which specialty do you currently work in?

* 4. What areas of skills, knowledge, decision making etc would you like to improve?

* 5. What skills or experience would allow you to feel more confident at work?

* 6. What is preventing you from developing as you would like?

* 7. What sort of training courses would you like to attend?

* 8. What sort of training courses are you interested in developing or teaching?

* 9. How do you like to learn? (Choose as many options as are applicable)

* 10. What would be your preferred duration for a training course?

* 11. Would you prefer training events that run more frequently or are repeated regularly, and if so, how often should repeats occur?

* 12. If you have any further comments regarding your training needs, please enter them below.

* 13. We would like to retain your contact details so that we can inform you of any training events that we develop that may be onf interest to you. Any information retained will not be passed to any 3rd party and will be stored and managed in compliance with the Data Protecion Act 1994. You can choose to be removed from our records at any time.
Please select the appropriate response from the options below:

* 14. The SWSTN will be offering a prize draw for a £250 training voucher (for SWSTN events). If you would like to enter this prize draw, please select the correct option below and provide your contact details (this information will only be used for the prize draw and no other purpose). For more details of the prize draw, please see the SWSTN website www.swstn.org).