It's time for members of CPA Australia to take action

On Friday 23rd June 2017, CPA Australia Chair, Mr Jim Dickson, announced that the Board had terminated CEO Alex Malley’s employment contract and made a golden parachute payment to him of $4.9 million.

Only a week earlier, our Chairman provided a list of 23 current and past board Directors who unanimously endorsed the ex-CEO's performance. What has changed so drastically over the course of seven days???

It’s time for members to act and move a spill motion against this board. These are the reasons why:

  • 7 Directors have resigned within 3 weeks, and yet none were prepared to work together or separately to move a vote of no confidence in the Board;
  • The Board is arguably inquorate, the Board’s own disarray and inability to govern failing to satisfy the common law definition of an “emergency” under which Director Youngberry’s appointment could be validated;
  • The Board announced an ‘independent review’ and should have stood down the CEO on full pay pending the outcome of that review; instead they’ve parachuted him out of the organisation with their full endorsement;
  • The Board has paid themselves in excess of Constitutional remuneration limits;
  • The Board has approved spending excess and executive salaries well over the market rate for comparable not-for-profit associations;
  • The CPA brand and the reputation of our professional body is in tatters, thanks to the decisions made by this Board;
  • The Board have signed off on the CPA Advice strategy that is now threatening the very core of our professional standing;
  • The remnants of this same Board are now seeking to hire a new CEO as well as 8 new directors in their own mould;
  • CPA Australia is in crisis and only when the remains of the Board have been spilled will we be able to move forward in confidence.

Members need to act now to stop the rot, and take back control of our organisation.

* 1. Will you support a Member resolution to spill the remaining Board members and appoint an interim Board to guide our organisation through the reparation process and election of a democratically elected Board of Directors?

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* 6. CPA Member Number

* 7. Would you like to make any additional comment?

This action is supported by the following members who are taking advice on the precise wording and legalities of resolutions. Those members pledging support will be contacted shortly to execute the necessary documentation.

Please forward the survey to your fellow CPA Members. How this issue is resolved will have a direct impact on the reputation of the designation that you have worked so hard to attain.

Your professional reputation is at stake, inaction is not a choice.  

We believe that members taking a stand and resolving the governance issues directly is the best course of action to restore public confidence in the CPA brand.

Share this survey with your fellow CPA professionals. Let the members rebuild CPA Australia.      

For more background information you can click here to be directed to an information page or for any other questions or comment please contact or the resolution leads:

Jen Dalitz, CPA – tel 0414 647 382
Glen Hasselman, CPA – tel 0433 431 118
Chris Catto, CPA – tel 0422 738 745
Andrew North, CPA