1. Share with us your experience of Life Teen Leadership Conference!

* 1. What was the reason or reasons you decided to attend the Life Teen Leadership Conference this year?

* 2. What was the highlight of your experience at the Life Teen Leadership Conference?

* 3. Please share with us how your faith has been impacted through your experience at the conference.

* 4. Please rate the following sessions:

  Extremely Valuable Valuable Nothing New Wasn't for me
Session I: You're Not In Kansas Anymore...Except You Are (Mark Hart, Monday afternoon)
Session II: Make No Mistake: Called and Chosen (Steve Allgeyer, Monday before dinner)
Session III: Collision Course: the Reality of Sin (Lisa Epperson, Monday night)
Session IV: Sacramental Mystery: True Communion (Fr. Dan Beeman, Tuesday morning)
Session V: Guard the Treasure: True Identity (Mark Hart, Tuesday afternoon)
The Mystery of Men and Women (Girls or Guys session)
Session VI: Up Til Now: Moving Forward as Leaders (Mary Bielski, Tuesday night)
Session VII: Mom Says - The Authority of the Church (Fr. Chris Martin, Wednesday morning)
Session VIII: Wholly Holy - The Art of Submission (Randy Raus, Wednesday before lunch)
Rotating Session: Practical Apologetics (Fr. Dan Beeman, Mark Hart)
Rotating Session: Catholics in Culture (Greg Iwinski, Stacy Cretors)
Rotating Session: Never Stop Praying (Mary Bielski, Fr. Chris Martin)
Session IX: A Living Witness (Eric Porteous, Wednesday night)
Session X: Bursting the Bubble (Steve Allgeyer, Thursday morning)
Session XI: Mission Possible - Holy Family (Randy Raus, Thursday before lunch)
Session XII: These Hallowed Halls: Christ at School (Phil Baniewicz, Thursday after lunch)
Session XIII: Leading from the Pews - You at Mass (Stacy Cretors, Thursday afternoon)
Session XIV: God's GPS: Learn to Discern (Lisa Epperson and Fr. Dan Beeman, Thursday night)
Session XV: Are You Willing to Move? (Randy Raus, Friday morning)

* 5. What did you learn at this conference that you can take home to your parish?

* 6. If someone asked you why they should attend a Life Teen Leadership Conference, what would you tell them?

* 7. Do you spend time on www.lifeteen.com?

* 8. Since www.lifeteen.com is a site for teens like you, what topics would you like to see discussed on the site?