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The Bureau of Labor Education would like to hear from workers, union members, educators, and individuals concerning their interests and preferences. Help us plan for upcoming training and education events by telling us about your interests, preferences and needs.

DIRECTIONS: Please choose the most appropriate answer or add comments, as necessary, for each of the following questions.

1. Are you answering as an individual or on behalf of a particular union or other organization?

2. Which topics would be most helpful or interesting to you? PLEASE RATE HOW INTERESTED YOU OR YOUR ORGANIZATION IS IN EACH OF THE TOPICS BELOW by clicking on the appropriate rating for each subject.

  Very High
High Fairly low
Very low
How Laws Are Made in the State Legislature
Occupational Safety and Health
Employment Law: Union and Worker Rights
Collective Bargaining/Contract Negotiations
Steward Training
How the Economy Really Works
Organizing New Union Members
Arbitrating Grievances & Discipline Cases
Internal Organizing
Diversity in the Workplace: Gender, Race, & Sexual Orientation
Maine Labor History
Union Leadership Development
The Labor Movement the Environment & Climate Change
Unions and Immigration
Women in the Labor Movement
Using Social Media
How to Perform a Power Analysis
Researching Employers and Corporations
Union Administration for Financial Officers
Alternative Dispute Resolution

3. Would you or your organization be interested in joint labor-management training? If yes, what subjects would be of interest?