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Many thanks in advance for participating in this survey. Your answers will help us understand how dialogue-based engagement methodologies can be effectively integrated into the stages of strategic planning for sustainable development.

Any information you can provide will be helpful, so please respond to those questions that relate to the work you are doing. If a question does not relate to your work, please move on to the next one. Our expectation is that there will be a wide range of familiarity and use of these methodologies and that not all questions will be applicable to you.

All collected information will remain confidential and will be reported anonymously in our final thesis, which will be archived and accessible from the BTH website (www.bth.se/msls). Any identifying information will be removed.

Optionally, you can identify yourself at the end of the survey, which we invite you to do for any follow up participation and results.

If you have any questions, please contact Tracy Meisterheim, tracy@blueheronsustainability.com