Thank you for participating in this survey, which should take approximately 5 minutes to complete.  The information collected here will inform the design of Safe Rail Communities' November 19th workshop about building a community toolkit to assist residents in preparing for any rail accidents and/or derailments.

* 1. Please provide the name of your Residents' Association or Community Organization (if applicable).

* 2. How much RISK do you think there is for people living in a rail community?

* 3. Can you please identify the TOP 3 rail safety concerns in your community (1=greatest concern)?

* 4. Please name 3 dangerous goods transported by rail that are of concern to your community.

* 5. How prepared is your community to RESPOND to a rail accident?

* 6. How prepared do you feel the City of Toronto is to RESPOND to a rail accident or derailment?

* 9. How prepared do you think your community is to RECOVER from a rail accident/disaster?

* 10. Are there any other concerns about rail safety that you would like discussed at November 19th workshop?