Yes! I want to participate in the Redevelopment Rodeo at the “Economic and Community Revitalization through Planning and Brownfield Redevelopment” Conference in Albany on June 7th and 8th.
I represent a public entity that has a vacant, under-utilized or contaminated “brownfield” property our municipality has prioritized for redevelopment.  I understand that my application will get screened based on completeness and selection criteria including site characteristics, scope of the project, municipal and community engagement, and stage of remediation/redevelopment. You may pitch a privately-owned property, but the owner must be actively engaged and interested in assistance for redevelopment.
 APPLICATIONS MUST BE STARTED BY MAY 4th TO BE CONSIDERED. Please be in touch with CCRL staff if they are not complete by this date.  
If selected, I will be available to present a powerpoint presentation to the panel on June 8th in Albany.
These questions will be shared only with the selection committee and expert panel; all information will remain confidential. If you have questions about the Rodeo process or panel or need assistance completing this survey, please contact Jean Hamerman at 646 -712-0535.

* 1. Contact Information


* 2. The address of the property is:

* 3. The size of the property in acres is:

* 4. Please list the prior uses of the site (ie: gas station, agricultural, etc.)

* 5. Is there infrastructure use at this site? 

Public Transit
Natural Gas
Fiber optic

* 6. Has the municipality invested in infrastructure?

* 7. Please list how the area is zoned

* 8. What is the expected reuse of the site?

* 9. Is the property in any federal, state or municipal incentive programs? 

* 10. Which of the following best describes the status of assessment/cleanup? 

* 11. Please check if ANY of the following environmental agencies were or are involved in overseeing the cleanup activities


* 12. Who is the property owner?

* 13. If owned by a municipality, what year was it acquired?

* 14. Under what circumstances was the property acquired?

* 15. If purchased, did the municipality conduct due diligence prior to the purchase?

* 16. Please answer the following questions relating to private property ownership

Is the property owner authorizing access?
Is the property owner actively engaged in discussions with the municipality?
Is the current property owner the responsible party?
Are taxes current?
Is the property for sale?

* 17.  What is adjacent to the property (within a mile)?  Check ALL that apply

* 18. What is the population size of the municipality in which the property is located? (cite data source)

* 19. What is the approximate appraised value of the site "as clean" without the contamination? 

* 20. Please provide information about property values within a 5-mile radius

* 21. Please provide a breakdown of the dollar ($) amount invested in the property 

* 22. Please provide a breakdown of the sources of funds used to invest in the property


* 23. What are the specific obstacles/areas where assistance is needed? Please check ALL that apply

* 24. Who has been the major champion of this project? (Check all that apply)

* 25. What outcomes could you attribute to this project? (Check all that apply)

* 26. Is there a market for the proposed redevelopment?  If so, please describe in some detail.

* 27. Why do you want to present this property and what do you hope to achieve?

Please send any of the following in support of your application: location map (1 page), Conceptual Site Plan or rendering (1 page), photograph or photo layout (1 page) to

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