We hope to implement a new website design within the next few months. This survey will let us know what our visitors think about our page and provide suggestions to help us improve our site.
*All responses are anonymous*

* 1. In what year were you born? (Optional)

* 2. About how long have you lived in the township?

* 3. What do you mainly visit our webpage for?

* 4. How visually appealing is our website?

* 5. How helpful do you find our FAQs?

* 6. How easy is it to understand the information on our website?

* 7. How easy was it to find what you were looking for on our website?

* 8. What do you think we should add to our website, if anything?

* 9. Do you have any other comments or suggestions for our website?

* 10. Would you be interested in taking another survey to better help us understand our community in the future?