Rebound Test User Screener

Thank you so much for wanting to become one of Rebound's test users!

We are developing Rebound 1.0 to empower patients to increase their own well-being, limit symptoms and side-effects of medicine usage.  

By answering the following questions, you give your consent to the following:

1.  I understand that my participation is voluntary and that I am free to withdraw at any time without giving any reason without my medical care or legal rights being affected.

2. I understand that my participation will be anonymized, but that bulk data gathered from the app may be used in publications about Rebound’s product validation, however it will not be possible to identify me from this information.  I give my permission to this.

3. I understand that relevant sections of my anonymized medical notes and data collected during the test phase in the app, may be looked at by individuals from Rebound where it is of relevance for product validation. I give permission for these individuals to have access to my anonymous records.

Please answer the following 3 questions to find out, if you match our target group. We truly appreciate your time and interest!

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* 1. Where do you reside?

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* 2. Which class of medicine do you currently have a prescription for?
If you have multiple prescriptions, please choose the most recent one.

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* 3. For how long have you been consuming the medicine?

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* 4. Join our team to get involved in the development of the Rebound app.

We have created official test user groups on Facebook. Here's the direct links for our two groups:
1. The international group for all English speakers
2.  The group for Danish speakers.

Please select the test user group you wish to join.

As a member of our test user team, you are directly involved with our project managers, as you will be the first person we reach out to when upgrading the app. We'll ask for your feedback about current features and introduce new ideas to you. Alongside this, you'll get the chance to socialize with other people who use the app to manage their medicine intake.  

As a test user, your opinion is the heart of our technical development.

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* 5. Please provide an e-mail. We will use this to send you the direct app link to App Store and Google Play.