A survey for users of the Ready to Research and Digital Scholarship OER websites

We are very interested to know what you think of the website you have been using. Please use this short survey to tell us what you do or do not like about it.

* 1. Select the descriptions that apply to you (check all that apply)

* 2. Which site have you come to this survey from?

* 3. How did you find the site originally?

* 4. Would you find the site and/or its resources useful for your own purposes?

* 5. Please tick any of the following features of the site that you liked

* 6. Was there anything about the site that you particularly did NOT like?

* 7. Please tick any of the following ways that you would use the resources you found through this website

* 8. Please rate how useful you think this site would be to the following types of user:

  Not useful Quite useful Very useful Don't know
Student studying in a UK university
Student planning to study in a UK university
Self-studying learner in an English-speaking country
Self-studying learner in a non-English-speaking country
Teacher in a UK school or university
Teacher in a non-UK school or university
Educational materials writer

* 9. Would you recommend this site to anyone else?

* 10. Will you be returning to either the Ready to Research or the Digital Scholarship sites?