The Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters and partners will convene a Local Government Summit on April 5 from 9am-4pm at the Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts in Fond du Lac. The event aims to inform key decision-makers on the latest technologies, funding opportunities, policy strategies, and communication tools to move Wisconsin forward in addressing climate change impacts, encouraging energy innovation, and building sustainable and thriving communities.

This survey includes ten short questions, and will take 5-10 minutes to fill out. Whether you plan to participate in the summit or not, your responses will help us better understand the needs and priorities of local communities, and we will use this feedback to finalize our program. Please complete the survey by Friday, February 17.

Thank you for your time and input. We hope to see you at the Summit on April 5 in Fond du Lac!

For more information and to register for the event, please visit:

* Please rank these common barriers to implementing an energy efficiency, energy benchmarking, renewable energy, or similar program as it applies to your local unit of government. Drag and drop your answer choices in order of preference, or use the drop-down menus to assign your ranks (1 being your top ranking).

* Other common barriers (please specificy):

* How familiar are you with the following topics? (1=Don’t know anything about it, to 5=I have expertise in this area)

  1 2 3 4 5
partnerships between utilities and local governments
private-public partnerships for implementing a local energy program
tools and criteria for selecting local energy and resilience strategies
funding opportunities for energy programs in your community
Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing
benchmarking energy use in government or commercial buildings
electric vehicles
energy efficient lighting
solar procurement, permitting, group buys, and financing
affordable and energy efficient housing
communication strategies for sharing success stories

* What types of educational resources would help your local government or organization to better implement renewable energy, energy efficiency, and other aspects of an energy program? (Check all that apply)

* This year’s Local Government Summit will feature engaging afternoon breakout sessions on specific technology advances and policy opportunities relevant for Wisconsin communities. Please rank your interest in learning about the following topics. Based on these rankings, we will select the top three topics for the breakout session offerings. Drag and drop your answer choices in order of preference, or use the drop-down menus to assign your ranks (1 being your top ranking). If you do not have a preference, skip this question.

* Which (if any) of the following events would you be interested in participating in before or after the main summit program?

* What local unit of government or other organization are you representing in this survey?

* What is your title / position? (optional)

* What is your name? (optional)

* What is your preferred email address? (optional)

* If applicable, who are the major players or formal points of contact on energy issues in your local unit of government (or the local unit of government with whom your organization interacts)? Please list names and corresponding titles.

Thank you for completing this survey! Be sure to submit your answers by pressing the 'done' button below.

Please consider registering for the Local Government Summit: Building Sustainable Communities through Energy & Resilience. For more information, visit, or email Chelsea Chandler at