ADRC of Trempealeau County

We need your help to best serve older adults!

The ADRC of Trempealeau County is looking for your thoughts and ideas that will help us improve programs and services for the residents of Trempealeau County as they age. Your answers will help us develop our 2025-2027 Aging Plan.
1.Our rural communities can be great places to age well. What is the ADRC doing well and should continue to do to support people to age well?
2.Please choose the top three needs or issues facing Trempealeau County's older adults today:
3.What are the top three health concerns you have as you age?
4.Please select the top three resources most important when caring for someone:
5.How can the ADRC make services more inclusive and accessible for underserved and minority groups in Trempealeau County?
6.What are some services you feel would make our community more enjoyable to live in as you grow older?
7.Your responses below will help us determine if we've met our goal of getting feedback from a broad range of community members. Please select all the options that apply to you.
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