Developing a local soil action plan for your community

The Corangamite Landcare Network’s together with the Corangamite CMA wish to develop 15 local soil action plans that properly investigate, ground truth and engage the community on the topic of local catchment priorities for sustainable agriculture focusing on soil health.

Each plan will aim to list the particular soil types and geological attributes of each sub-catchment in the region (landscape zone), then identify the soil health actions that are relevant to that sub-catchment.

The first phase of this project is to collate local soil related data through this survey. The second phase will involve working with your local community to workshop soil priorities, actions, potential funding opportunities and resources. This workshop will also identify ‘gaps’ in soil data using spatial information to help determine where time is best invested i.e. a lot of work has already been completed on erosion, salinity, water logging and perhaps less on soil acidification, soil nutrient loss and soil biology. The third phase will involve collating all data into a local soil action plan for your community to use as a future soil resource and reference document.

Timeline of events:
• Gather baseline information on local soil knowledge, practices and attitudes (Oct-Dec 2014)
• Workshop local soil actions with the community (drawing on baseline survey results and spatial information) identifying gaps, soil actions and future direction (funds, resources etc) (Mar-Apr 2015)
• Compile data into a local soil action plan for each landscape zone based on your soil-related needs, wants and concerns (June 2015).

For further information please contact Mandy Coulson on 0488 526 123 or

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