Debt Review Awards 2018 - Refinements & Suggestions

Debt Review Awards

Over the last 4 years the Debt Review Awards has grown and developed to the point where we can now almost take it serious. We thank everyone for their help along the way. With year 5 being our goal of having the criteria and process totally in place we now are looking ahead to 2018.
Once again we need help from industry role players of all backgrounds to try refine the process further.
The aims are:
We would like everyone to know in advance what is being considered, how the process works, Who is involved and how the results are compiled. 
Refined Criteria
Over the years we have settled on just over 12 criteria for each category. This was done a while back with the help of several key industry role players and associations. Once again we would like to ask their help but also a wider field of industry members.
More heads = More good ideas!
How do we treat different parties of different sizes fairly, so that all members of the industry get the chance to have their voice heard? We would like to have as many members of the industry have a say and contribute to the results (and be considered in their categories for awards). We also want to ensure the criteria are seen as fair since all have had a chance to help refine and shape the things considered.
Ease of participation
Taking part in surveys is boring and time-consuming. If the surveys are too long and too complex people begin to skip answers and the results can inadvertently be skewed. Help us find the balance of quick and yet meaningful and sticking to the main points for consideration. Less is more.
Increased reporting to participants (stretch goal)
It is the ultimate goal for each participant to receive access to a dashboard with feedback on their results and the overall results. We are not currently able to do this and will be working on this over time through the use of rather expensive software. Each year we are setting aside funds towards enhancing the reporting and software side of the process. With that ultimate goal in mind, we are also looking to shift more and more of the sponsorship for the event and process to that generated through reporting on the results (with permission from participants). We, of course, want to also offer all participants the option to do so without fear of reprisal and with the option of doing so anonymously (for reporting purposes - we will still check they are who they say they are).
We have a few questions for you and would like you to help us (and the industry) in helping refine and shape what the awards process will be like in years to come.  
This will be the first of several chances that we hope you have (through various platforms)  to comment and try help refine the process before the first round of the process starts at the end of the year. 

Thank you for taking the time to help with your input.

* 1. Who are you?

* 2. Have you participated in the Debt Review Awards Peer Review Process before?

* 3. Give us a quick score as to how good/bad you think the process is at the moment the way it has been done recently (eg in 2017).

* 4.
Debt Counsellors Criteria / Questions:

In the peer review process, we allow those on the opposite side of the industry to review their counterpart peers.

Example: We ask Credit Providers to review Debt Counsellors

We do not think it is a good idea to allow those on the same side of the industry (and thus perhaps in competition) to rate each other. After all: jealousy makes you nasty and all that.

Here are the questions as considered in the 2017 Peer Review. Please read through them and see if any of them need to be prioritised or removed from your perspective. 

Please comment at the bottom or add other questions or criteria you feel should be considered (by credit providers). 

1) How would you rate these DCs in their adherence to industry timelines?

(17.1,17.2, proposals )


2) How would you rate these DCs in client retention?

(Number of 17.1s you receive vs proposals from these clients)


3) How would you rate these DCs in terms of proposal quality?

4) How would you rate these DCs in terms of PDA Collection Ratio?

(Percentage Paid vs Promised)

5) How would you rate these DCs in terms of speed and effectiveness in resolving your queries and answering your questions?


6) How would you rate these DCs in terms of communication skills of their staff?

(Respectful and ease of understanding)

7) How would you rate these DCs in terms of the debt counselling knowledge of their employees?

(the right staff doing the right job)


8) How would you rate these DCs in their (optional) use of DCRS rules?


9) How would you rate these DCs in their cooperation with yourself as a credit provider?

(regular calls/meeting, weekly/monthly reports)?


10) How would you rate these DCs in their contributions to developing the Debt Review industry?

(e.g. quarterly reports, CIF Participation, DTI/NCR/Workshops)

11) How would you rate these DCs in terms of their innovation & business practices?

(e.g. weekly/monthly credit provider reports, client self-service portal, professionalism, etc.)


12) How would you rate these DCs in taking matters to court? (or Tribunal)

* 5. Do you think we should have fewer questions and fewer criteria considered? If so which criteria should we prioritise? Feel free to add things not considered in the questions above (add your own). Please try focus on things that you feel that you (as a credit provider) can measure or that you feel that credit providers can realistically and fairly report on.

* 6. We make participation available to all Debt Counsellors who are currently registered with the NCR. Some Debt Counselling firms, however, have several Debt Counsellors working in the same company. Do we limit participation to one Debt Counsellor per brand/Firm?

* 7. Some Debt Counselling firms are Massive with thousands and thousands of clients. Others are small with only a few clients. Should all Debt Counsellors answers be weighted the same or should some Debt Counsellors (with many clients) carry more weight since they are dealing with the credit providers more than others?

* 8. Thank you very much for helping us get going with our annual review of the process and we will be sure to ask you more questions in the next few weeks.