* 1. Which of the following is not a web browser?

* 2. Microsoft Word, running on a windows computer, appears to be frozen. There are multiple ways to unfreeze a stalled computer. Order the measures below 1-4, 1 being the first and least extreme measure and 4 being the last attempted.

* 3. What is the best way to shut down a computer?

* 4. When should you save your work?

* 5. Match the projects on the left side of the matrix with the software applications on the top best suited to execute them.

  a.Microsoft Word b.Microsoft Excel c.Microsoft Power Point d.Microsoft Publisher e.Adobe Acrobat
___ Personal Budget
___ Research Paper
___ Brochure
___ Published Electronic Document for web
___ Visual Aids for Oral Presentation

* 6. What is the safest way to remove the flash memory drive?

* 7. If you print a document and don’t see it on the printer you should keep hitting print repeatedly until it comes out.

* 8. To save an edited document while keeping the original version, use ____________

* 9. It is necessary to supplement operating system security with antivirus software.

* 10. Word documents can be exported to PDF files.

* 11. A student building a multimedia art project uses copyrighted photographs of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture downloaded from the Web. He submits this project to a multimedia competition honoring classroom work and wins a prize for the school. This is covered under fair use.

* 12. While browsing websites, a pop-up message informs you that your system is insecure, and invites you to download a security program by clicking on the message. This pop-up is trustworthy.

* 13. The Microsoft Word Spelling and Grammar check is always correct.

* 14. In Microsoft Word, to fine-tune paragraph spacing, go to the ____________.

* 15. To add more text to your Microsoft Power Point slide, insert a ________

* 16. In Microsoft Excel, to merge two or more cells together, use the ____________ command

* 17. Instead of starting a new blank Microsoft Word document, you can create one that’s based on a predefined outline called a __________

* 18. You can add an image to your Power Point presentation from the ________ tab

* 19. E-mail is a secure means of communication.

* 20. You have a 2MB .bmp image file, and need to convert it to a smaller format (quality does not matter). Which file format is an option?