Welcome to the 2018/2019 African Import Export Programs

E-Squared International is for profit International Trade and Tour Company, specializing in the import & export of merchandise from around the world and dynamic Humanitarian tour programs. We build trade programs and assist businesses in our focus Team/Businesses with business contacts in the U.S. And we facilitate the most amazing tours and study abroad programs to Ghana and Ethiopia.

We specialize in Home furnishings, Office furniture, Hand Crafted products, Agriculture, Seafood, Beer, and Baskets & Musical instruments from Africa, Indonesia, and South America. We also specialize in fantastic Humanitarian tours to Africa and Asia.

We’re passionate and focused on our primary school renovation program and in preserving the creative talents of artists and artisans, re-establishing trade routes, encouraging fair trade, and promoting a responsible corporate culture. Our mission is to teach African Americans International Trade and to connect them with the Mother Land with a sustainable business model. We assist wholesalers and storefronts run their businesses faster, simpler and more efficient by providing a single source for unique, hard to find products from around the world.  

We designed Ufumbuzi to get Africans and the Diaspora involved with International Trade/Import, Export, Tourism with Africa, Small business creation, Unify as Global Africans, and to generally uplift our communities.

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* 1. How you make money with Ufumbuzi Program:

1.      50% of the profits from the retail website would be shared amongst dues paying members.

2.      When a member brings in an investor to Ufumbuzi, he/ she will receive 20% of the total money invested in the form of a monthly salary spread over 12 months. For instance, if a member brings in an investor, who invested $ 100,000 he/she will receive $ 20,000 which would be used to pay his/her salary equaling $1,665.00 for the period of 12 months.

3.      Members will also receive 20% commissions from any tour client they bring to Ufumbuzi that pays and attend a tour. This includes the tour members we are currently working on. If you decide to take a lead role with an existing tour group or individual then you can earn the 20% commission. Ask the tour team for a list of clients.

4.      For every 200 members we will pay a basic salary of $2,000 per month to one member.

5.      We will use 50% of this year’s Crowdfunding campaign to pay members’ salary. This year we will raise 200k. 100k would be used for salaries and stipends for members. 100k will be used for operations i.e. buying products, marketing etc. We will begin the crowdfunding program the first week of June.

6.      6 You can assist with a trade deal from your committee and earn large commissions. This is usually reserved for member who have been in the group for 12 months.

7.      Some Executive Committee members who want to take on additional work will receive a weekly stipend.

8.      You can assist on a wholesale store account from your various committees and receive continuous commissions as long as you are a member of Ufumbuzi.

9.      You can earn commissions and or stipends by assisting the Human Resource team with their task of bringing new members through the membership process.

10.  We can also provide more paid positions if we get members to pay annual dues. Every 10 annual memberships will allow us to pay a member a stipend of $400 per month. Every 25 annual memberships we can pay a member $1,000 per month. Keep in mind this does not include all the other commissions from other revenue streams in Ufumbuzi.

If you pay your dues annually then you can display your goods at our tradeshows. If you attend a tradeshow, you will have the opportunity of getting the store accounts with residual commissions every time they order.