100% of survey complete.

I would like to invite you to a series of meetings that explore the staff experience of different religious or faith groups at DMU.

These meetings will give you an opportunity to discuss:

* Some of the issues that arose in the Staff Survey. For example, that people of different religions or faiths feel less well supported or experience more stress in the workplace than others.

* Support and facilities on campus for your religion or faith.

* Celebrating religious or faith festivals.

* Increasing awareness of the different religious and faith based needs and perspectives at DMU.

So that I can plan meetings and organize rooms, please could you indicate your interest in attending a meeting.

Please note your responses will be kept confidential by the Equality Team and you will only be contacted in order to either arrange a meeting or seek your responses if you have agreed to do this.

If you would like to discuss anything to do with this survey or about the proposed Religion and Belief Policy, please contact Christine Nightingale on or 0116 250 6436. Thank you.

1. Would you be interested in attending a meeting?

2. And/or are you interested in keeping in contact and contributing to the work by email or phone?

3. If you are interested, what is your full name?

4. What is your contact email address?

5. What is your contact telephone number?

6. What would you describe yourself as: (this information will NOT be transferred on to your staff record)