* 1. How satisfied are you with the overall quality of Little Minds Preschool?

* 2. Do you feel that..

  Yes No
Your child is happy in our program?
Your child is safe in our program?
Your child has learned from our program?

* 3. How satisfied are you with...

  Very satisfied Satisfied Not satisfied
Your child's teacher?
Your child's learning experience?
Daily activities?
Materials in the classroom?
How staff communicate with you?
Interactions with staff and children?
Appearance of the classroom?
Cleanliness of the classroom?
Snacks & lunches being served?
Management of the school (Director)

* 4. Is there anything else you would like to say about how this program meets the needs of your family?

* 5. Do you have any suggestions about how this program could be improved?

* 6. If your child has recently been dis-enrolled from our program, please leave a brief explanation as to why you chose to dis-enroll.  It is our hopes that we have provided quality programs for our Little Minds Family.  However, if this was not the case, we would appreciate the feedback.  Thank you :)