2012 Signpost Reader Survey

The Signpost is produced by a volunteer staff and written by community members, just as it was more than twenty-two years ago when Jean Cate rallied her friends and neighbors to help her create and run a vehicle to foster a sense of community in East Montpelier (and yes, she also started our annual Rally Day). Please take a few minutes to let us know what you think about the Signpost and how well we are fulfilling our mission of providing one more way to draw our community together.

* 1. Do you read the Signpost?

* 2. Do you have a favorite section? (Rate any and all sections that you typically read)

  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagree Never read that
I usually read it cover to cover!
I love the Town Meeting Day issue; I want to know about the folks running for town offices.
I like the pictures, you should have more pictures and fewer words.
I like the features about people in our town.
I’m all about business, my favorite section is the featured business article.
I like to know what’s going on in town, I go straight to the Weathervane, where births and real estate transfers are listed, and meeting minutes are abstracted.
I prefer the inspirational Top of the Signpost articles.
I love the town history articles.
I’m a political junkie, I like the stuff toward the end—articles about planning, energy, and water issues; and updates on bonds, emergency services, and school upgrades.
I have kids in school, I like to read the EMES updates.
I like those wacky features you run, things like “Guess the sugarhouse,” “Our Good Neighbors,” and people sending in their favorite swimming spots or EM walks and rides.

* 3. Do you receive the Signpost in the mail?

* 4. Do you download the PDF version from the Signpost website?

* 5. Do you prefer reading the printed version that comes in the mail or would you rather read the PDF version that you can download from the Signpost website and read onscreen or print yourself?

* 6. Speaking of the Signpost website:

  Yes No Not Sure, Sometimes, Maybe
Have you been to the Signpost website?
If so, did you find the information you were looking for?
Have you ever gone to the Signpost website for overflow information that we couldn’t fit in the print version?
Would you in the future?
Have you signed up for the EM Front Porch Forum? From now on that is where we will notify folks of updates to the Signpost website.

* 7. Do you have suggestions for local businesses or inspiring East Montpelier friends or neighbors that we haven’t featured yet? It’s a great way to contribute to your town and get to know someone interesting in our community.

* 8. Do you have suggestions for article series or special issues (in the past we’ve asked readers to tell us how broadband technology affects their lives and livelihoods, to share their favorite walks, rides and swimming spots, and to publicly thank their neighbors for extra-neighborly behavior)

* 9. We’re looking for new ideas to consider and feedback on what we’ve been doing. Please share any general feedback you have about what we’re missing, what we’re overdoing, and what you’d like to see in the future from your town newsletter. (Feel free to let us know what we’re doing right as well!)

* 10. Would you like to help with the Signpost? If so, please fill in your name and contact information.