1. Intoduction

This survey is produced by the London Cycling Campaign in Hammersmith and Fulham [hfcyclists]. We are trying to find out how cyclists experience cycling over Hammersmith Bridge. In particular whether a 20mph speed limit on the bridge would make you feel safer. It would cost LBHF quite a bit of money to put in the speed measuring system.

We are planning to meet with LBHF Council on the 15 November 2010 to discuss their transport spending plans for the next 3 years[the LIP]. If we can bring the results of this survey to that meeting it might influence the writing of their plans.

PLEASE RESPOND BY FRIDAY 12 NOVEMBER if possible so we can bring your answers to this meeting.

You may still answer this survey until 4 December 2010 and the answers will still be useful.

In due course we will post a summary of the results on our webpage