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Signed into law in March 2021 by President Joe Biden, the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) will deliver $350 billion in emergency funding to state, local, territorial and tribal governments to respond to and recover from the COVID-19 emergency. Richland County is seeking community input on how it should use its share of the funding.

The purpose of ARPA is to support the public health response of COVID-19, address negative economic impacts, and replace public sector revenue loss. It can be used to reimburse premium pay for essential workers and to install water, sewer, broadband and other public infrastructure as identified by priority of need.

Please complete all sections of this document. Thinking about your neighborhood and services currently available, rate the level of need for improvements in the areas below. There are no right or wrong responses. The survey should honestly reflect your opinions and perceptions.

You can find a fact sheet on eligible funding options at Hard copies of this survey are available at the County Administration Building at 2020 Hampton St., Columbia. The survey will be available through Oct. 1, 2021.