* 1. Are you a Full-Time or Part-Time Student at Milano?

* 2. What is your program at Milano?

* 3. What semester are you currently in at Milano?

* 4. What are your primary reasons for visiting MyNewSchool? Check all that are appropriate:

* 5. How frequently do you check MyNewSchool?

* 6. If rarely or never, please explain your reasons for not using MyNewSchool.


* 7. Since the start of the fall 2012 semester, Milano has participated in a MyNewSchool pilot program that introduced Milano-specific announcements. Have you noticed this change?

* 8. If yes, how did you learn about it? If no, what would be the best way to have informed you about this?

* 9. Do you find the organization of the announcements easily navigable?

* 10. Since the introduction of Milano-specific announcements, do you find yourself checking My.NewSchool more frequently?

* 11. What type of announcements are you most likely to check for? Please list from highest to lowest priority (1 for highest).

* 12. Are there any other types of announcements that you would find beneficial to have posted to MyNewSchool?

* 13. Are there any types of announcements that you would prefer NOT to have posted to MyNewSchool?

* 14. Besides MyNewSchool, what other sources do you go to for Milano or university-side news and announcements? Rank in order of usage.

* 15. If there are other sources you go to for Milano or university-side news and announcements besides those listed above, please specify.

* 16. If you ranked New School Listservs, which ones are you subscribed to?

* 17. With the introduction of MyNewSchool Milano-specific announcements, do you feel like you are receiving a fewer number of emails from administrative and academic leadership this semester?


* 18. This fall, the university redesigned MyNewSchool, has this made it easier to access information and updates relevant to you?

* 19. Would you like to be able to customize the homepage of MyNewSchool, so you can determine which content is displayed and the order they are displayed?

* 20. In the Student section of MyNewSchool, how well do you feel the information is organized so that the content is easy to find? Rank your response on a scale of 1 to 6, with 1 being the most organized and 6 the least organized.

* 21. Do you feel that MyNewSchool serves a majority of your information needs?

* 22. If no, what other types of information would you like MyNewSchool to feature?

* 23. Do you have any general feedback concerning MyNewSchool and the other Milano communications vehicles (social media, blog, Listserv, emails)?