This year, our National Convention will be held at the Novotel Glen Waverley, 285 Springvale Rd Glen Waverley Victoria, from 13th to 15th October. Please ensure that you complete your online registration and payment by 14th September 2017 (or call 1800 033 660).

Accommodation is available at the Novotel Glen Waverley. Please make arrangements directly with the Novotel (phone 03 8561 2345). When booking, inform the hotel staff of your attendance at the BCA National Convention. This will ensure you receive the discounted rate of $145 per night.
Travel arrangements must also be made and paid for by the individual attending the convention.


If you haven’t already checked out the draft program for the convention, please do so at


Buddy Program:
We will be offering a “Buddy Program” to assist first time attendees and more recent members to feel more at home during the convention. If you are attending convention for the first time and would like the benefit of a more experienced buddy over the convention weekend, please complete the relevant section of this registration form. Also, if you would like to act as a buddy during the convention, please complete your details on the registration form.

Financial Assistance:
We have limited funds available to support people outside the Melbourne area to attend the convention. This financial assistance would help to cover costs of travel and accommodation, but does not include covering the cost of registration.  

If you believe that you would not be able to attend the convention without financial assistance, please tick the relevant box on this form. After submitting your registration, you will be asked to complete an application form that will assess your eligibility. Please do not submit your registration payment until we have reviewed your application form and contacted you, as financial assistance is not guaranteed for everyone who applies.

If you are successful in receiving financial assistance, we will instruct you how to pay registration. If you are unsuccessful, we will give you the option to continue the registration process, or to discontinue your registration.

* 1. Your Contact Details

* 2. Do you consent to having your contact details (name / phone / email) shared with other convention attendees?:

* 3. Emergency Contact Person:

Registration Type

Please indicate your attendance below. IMPORTANT!: Please calculate your total rate and keep this figure handy as you will need to refer to it on the payment page.

Note: If you are applying for financial assistance, you still need to complete this section. Payment will be completed after your eligibility has been assessed.

* 4. I wish to register for:

* 5. I would like to apply for financial assistance. (Please complete the application form after submitting this registration)

* 6. Please tick the boxes that are relevant to you.

Preferred format for convention materials (Note: This material will be provided prior to convention):

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* 9. I am DeafBlind (if yes please specify your needs below):

* 10. I have dietary requirements (if yes, please specify):

* 11. We are considering the possibility of providing childcare at convention if there is sufficient demand (at an additional cost). If this was available, would you use it?

* 12. Convention Events
Please indicate your attendance at the following events:

* 13. Arrival Time
To ensure we have sufficient volunteers and hotel staff available to assist you on arrival, please indicate your estimated time of arrival:

* 14. We are attempting to organise shared transport from the airport to the hotel. If this option was available, would you use it?

* 15. Buddy Program
If you would like to be part of our “Buddy Program” please provide the details requested below. 

* 16. To assist in matching buddies it would be helpful if you indicate your age. 

* 17. Payment