100% of survey complete.

* 1. Which area of Little Rock do you currently reside?

* 2. How many people live in your household?

* 3. What is your annual household income?

* 4. What is Your Race (Ethnicity)?

* 5. Have you ever needed assistance or inquired about receiving services from the LRFD? (This includes but is not limited to house fires, EMS responses, car accidents, inspections, burn permits, smoke alarms installation, public education events, and station tours)

* 6. If yes, how often have you had to call on the LRFD for assistance and/or inquiries? If no, please skip this question.

* 7. Rate how protected (safe) or unprotected (unsafe) you feel from the following:

  Poor Fair Indifferent Good Excellent
Business Fires
Residential Fires
Assisted Living Fires
Hazardous Materials Incidents
Natural Disasters
Terrorist Incidents

* 8. In general, how well informed are you about LRFD programs and services?

* 9. Please rate the quality of each of the following services or activities:

  Poor Fair Indifferent Good Excellent
Fire Suppression
Response to Inquiries and Complaints
Public Education Programs
Community Outreach
Emergency Medical Response
Public Information
Website www.littlerockfire.com

* 10. Please rate your impression of the following characteristics of LRFD Personnel:

  Poor Fair Indifferent Good Excellent
Overall Impression

* 11. Please rate each of the following characteristics as they relate to the LRFD:

  Poor Fair Indifferent Good Excellent
Overall Value of the LRFD to the City
Overall Appearance of LRFD Apparatus
Overall Appearance of LRFD Staff & Responders
Overall Appearance of LRFD Fire Stations
Overall Response Times to Your Emergencies
Overall Image or Reputation of the LRFD
Overall Rating of the LRFD
Overall Presence of LRFD in Community

* 12. Based on your knowledge of the LRFD, what is your overall rating of the Department?

* 13. Please use this area of the survey to leave any additional comments or suggestions on how the Little Rock Fire Department can better serve you and your community.