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* 1. What areas of your sex life would like to learn more about? Which of these topics interests you the most?

  Yuck! *Yawn* Boring! Not into it Whatever Already know this Might Be Interested Interested Very interested YES! YES! YES! YES!
Sex positions that are better for me
How to seduce men
Foreplay tips
Become more passionate
What do men REALLY want?
Build a more passionate and loving relationship in and out of the bedroom
How to ask for what I want without feeling insecure
Drive him crazy with lust
How to introduce fantasy, role playing, etc.
Nutrition and exercise for better sex
Get him to seduce me
Improve my body image and become more comfortable with my sexuality
Where's my g spot?
How can I become more passionate
Intercourse tips
How to ask for what I want in bed without hurting HIS ego
Sex positions that are better for him
How to give oral
Get him to open up to me and be more intimate
I already meet all of his needs... how do I get HIM to be better at meeting my needs?
How to TALK about sex with my partner
How to be more comfortable receiving oral
Have more powerful orgasms
Give him more powerful orgasms
Teach him to last longer
foreplay tips
More sexual confidence
How to initiate sex
Learn to experience "female ejaculation"
Build intimacy and open to my lover
Overcome abusive past or bad experiences in the past
Secret erogenous zones on HIS body
kissing tips
How do I get him to be more passionate

* 2. What did I miss that you would really like to learn more about? What questions do you have for me about improving your sex life?

* 3. FOR MEN ONLY...

If you are a man, and you clicked over here out of curiosity... and you want to leave me some comments or have any thoughts about this survey, please do NOT answer above. You may leave your thoughts in the box below...