Thank you in advance for your input. Your answers will help mold the future of GNAHS. All information will be treated confidentially. Best wishes for the future.

* 1. Demographics

* 2. What is your present activity? (Mark as many as apply.)

* 3. Is this a change from your original post-high school plans?

* 4. Do you presently have a clear career goal?

* 5. If enrolled in post-secondary education since graduation, please note the name of the school or institution, as well as the
program of study/major undertaking, as applicable.

* 6. If employed full or part-time since graduation, please list the
 company name and location.

* 7. Did you complete a program at WBACTC?

* 8. If yes, what program?

* 9.  Were there sufficient courses/programs at GNAHS that allowed you to explore career options?

* 10. How helpful was the GNAHS staff, as a whole, as you formulated your post-HS plan?

* 11. Do you feel that GNAHS staff, as a whole, had high standards
and demanded quality work from you?

* 12. May we be in contact with you for future comments?