We have created several awards categories to recognize the people and organizations leading the events industry through this unprecedented time. In the spirit of Untethered, these categories reflect our shared experience and the goals of the Untethered movement. 
Here is a quick overview of the awards categories:

Mad Scientist Award
At Untethered we love to experiment and test out new ideas, especially when we think something probably won’t work, but give it a shot anyways. This award is designed to celebrate the organization that experimented with something new, had that experimentation go awry, and then learned from their experience. Bonus points for sharing your experience with your community or audience so others could learn from you.

Best Re-Tether Award
This award goes to the organization that created the best networking experience, digital, in-person, or some mixture of the two. In particular, we value unique or new formats that fostered meaningful engagement.

Quickest Pivot Award
Untethered was formed in only 6 weeks following the onset of the pandemic. We understand the challenge of putting on a virtual event on a short timeline. This award is designed to recognize the hustle and vision it takes to transition a live event to a digital format. To qualify for this award, you must show that the event was scheduled to be in-person before pivoting to a digital format.

Red Carpet Award
Virtual events presented a whole new canvas for event professionals to design stunning experiences for their attendees. This award is designed to showcase the most beautiful, dazzling, and engaging digital experiences—the kind of events that are worthy of strutting down the red carpet.

People's Choice Awards

In addition, we have three People's Choice awards categories: Favorite Hybrid Event, Most Inspiring #Eventprof, and Rising Star. If you want to nominate a fellow event prof or an amazing hybrid event that knocked it out of the park, then you can either head on over to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and give them a shout out or nominate them right here! We will collect all of the nominations, select the finalists, and open up voting to the Untethered audience at the event!

If you post on social media, just make sure to use these hashtags so we don't miss your nomination. 

Favorite Hybrid event: #UNTETHERED2021 #favhybrid

Most inspiring #eventprof: #UNTETHERED2021 #inspiringeventprof

Rising Star: #UNTETHERED2021 #risingeventstar

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Submissions close October 22nd at 11:59 PM PST.

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