* 1. Name of Organization (optional)

* 2. For which school board(s) do you, or does your organization provide arts education programming?

* 3. Has your individual practice or organizational arts education programming been affected by the recent job action of Ontario teachers?

* 4. If yes, please indicate which programs you or your organisation undertake with educational partners and rate the effect of the recent job action,1 – 5, with 1 being least affected and 5 most affected.

  1 2 3 4 5 n/a
Performances in a venue
Performances in a school setting
Workshops in a venue
Workshops in a school setting
Residency in a school setting
After-school program
Educator professional development session

* 5. In what ways have you/your organization been affected? (Approximate numbers acceptable)

* 6. What have you or your organization done, if anything, to address the current challenges to your projected programs for the 2012-2013 school year?

* 7. How have current challenges in working with the education community affected the planning for the upcoming season?

* 8. Thank you for completing this survey. Any other comments?