* 1. List several goals toward which your congregation should be working in future years.

* 2. List at least 3 areas in which you feel the congregation is strong (things the congregation does well).

* 3. Are there any new things the congregation should be doing which it is not doing now?

* 4. What things the congregation is now doing do you feel could or should be done better?  Or, in what areas do you feel the congregation needs most growth?

* 5. What are two things that you feel your congregation needs more than anything else right now, to be most effective? 

* 6. How would you summarize the purpose for which your congregation exists?

* 7. We recognize that the following may be very difficult to do, but we hope it will be helpful to you. 
From the list below, please select the top 10 pastoral functions, traits, and abilities and rank them according to what you feel is the order of importance for your parish. 
Select only 10 and rank those 10 in order of importance from 1-10, with a 1 rating meaning "no importance," and a 10 rating meaning  of utmost importance. 
Please use the N/A box if the function or trait does not make the top 10. 
A list of explanations for each category is appended to assist you.

* 8. What do you feel are the most important personal qualities for a pastor to have?

* 9. What do you think are most necessary for maintaining good relationships between pastor and people? 

* 10. Do you feel the congregation is sensitive to the pastor's need for "private time?" (For prayer, study, family, recreation.)

* 11. Please feel free to leave any additional comments that you might have for the leadership at Grace.