1. Was this your first visit?

2. Level of professionalism on the phone.

3. Appearance and cleanliness of the facility.

4. Punctuality and efficiency.

5. Friendliness and courtesy of staff.

6. Staff's ability to answer questions and explain things thoroughly.

7. Healthcare team treated you and your pet with compassion and care.

8. Value received for the price paid.

9. Do you plan to continue bringing your pet(s) to this clinic?

10. Would you recommend this clinic to a friend?

11. Please note: This survey is for us to better serve you. If you have medical questions or concerns please call your home clinic.
Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve your or your pets' experience?

12. Would you like to be contacted regarding your survey results?

13. If answered 'Yes' above, please fill out contact information.