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* 1. How did you find out about Allied products?
(e.g. received them with your machine, heard about them from a fellow embroiderer or distributor, read about them in a trade magazine, searched on the internet, received an e-mail from Allied, etc.)
Please explain in your own words.

* 2. What made you decide to purchase Allied hoops over another brand?
(e.g. the features help save hooping time, Allied Grid-Lock™ hoops are the only hoops with grid lines and distance markings which help in proper hooping alignment, the textured finish provides the best grip, the quality of Allied hoops is superior providing the most durability, the long adjustment screw of Premium Allied Grid-Lock™ hoops makes adjusting by hand easy and it allows hooping of thick articles, Allied hoops offer the best value, etc.)
Please explain in your own words.

* 3. Please share your experience and ease of purchasing products from Allied either by website or by phone, the customer service provided by Allied, etc. Please also share your comments about Allied product quality.

* 4. What special characteristics of Allied Grid‐Lock™ or Allied Wooden hoops do you find to be better than other brand hoops? Please discuss how Allied hoops have helped you save hooping time. Also, describe how the grid markings and/or other reference markings have helped prevent misaligned embroideries (and therefore rejections of garments). Please estimate your potential tangible and/or intangible cost savings over a period of time (1 or 3 or 6 months, etc.).

* 5. Please write any other comments you would like to add (e.g. if you would purchase Allied hoops again, recommend Allied products to other embroiderers, which additional hoop sizes would be of interest for purchase in the future, etc.).

* 6. Please list the make(s), model(s) and # of heads of the embroidery machines at your facility.

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