Disability and Mental Health : A double disadvantage?

Statistics tell us that around one third of all Australians will experience mental illness (mainly depression) at some point in their lives. PDA suspects that this figure is much higher for People with Physical Disability (PwPD) and that many PwPD may have what amounts to a secondary "mental health" disability as a result of their physical disability.

This survey is an attempt to discover if there is a causal link between physical disability and poor mental health. We need to know a lot more.

This survey attempts to find answers for the following questions.

What is the basic rate of mental ill health amongst PwPD?
Do some disabilitys' have higher rates of mental ill health than others?
Does a more severe physical disability lead to poorer mental health?
How does poor mental health impact on PwPD?
How important for PwPD is this issue?
What supports do PwPD have for their mental health?

Knowing what people with physical disability are actually experiencing is the first step to doing something about it.

Please note: all results are confidential and no personal identifying information will be collected or released.

Thank you very much for taking the time to help us.

Sue Egan
Executive Officer