Howard County Bikeshare Survey

Thanks for taking part in this very short questionnaire!

The Columbia Association, as part of a joint grant application with the County to study implementing a bikeshare system in the county, has created a short questionnaire. Your input would be greatly appreciated in understanding who would support a bikesharing program in Howard County and where users would like to go.

What is a bikesharing system? Think of it as a bike taxi for short, one-way trips. One is able to pick a bike for a short trip and return in to a station near your destination. Check out a bike for your trip to work, get to the bus or train, run errands, go shopping, or visit friends and family. The stations, usually with 5-15 bikes are strategically placed to allow users to walk to a station and bikes are also equipped with locks, so if you want, you can lock it and come back to it later.

Please complete the questionnaire by Monday, December 19, to assist us in our application for funding.

* 1. If a bikeshare system was implemented in the County, would it be something you support?

* 2. Bikeshare systems support trips of 1-3 miles, would you use bikeshare to go to?

* 3. Tell us about yourself. If you are a resident of Howard County, where do you live?