LWBLA are working with the Skills Funding Agency to engage with Providers to research their current Traineeship delivery models. This is a confidential survey with the offer of a free 1-2-1 follow up consultation. What we're looking for is to identify current strengths/weaknesses, issues and challenges and good practice.

We have 10 quick questions, and appreciate your time in answering them.

* 1. Performance - How many traineeships are currently on programme?

* 2. Are you on profile and target for the year?

* 3. Are you looking to substantially grow the volume over the next year?

* 4. Do you have a good pipeline of employers interested - what works for you?

* 5. What are your barriers to effective Employer Engagement? If so, what are they?

* 6. Do you get any support from a third party? Such as the Careers Service, LEA's, & other stakeholders, or another provider?
If so, is this support effective?

* 7. Do you have a good pipelines of learners?

* 8. If you could change any aspect of Traineeship Policy what would it be? (You may have issues of current policy and eligibility)

* 9. The LWBLA is developing My Pocket Tutor to support providers delivering Traineeships. The focus of this free service is to support the learner, employer, and provider. What would you want from this service?

* 10. Would you like the LWBLA to offer a free 1-2-1 consultation and review of your Traineeship offer?

* 11. Many thanks for taking the time to complete this survey. Please leave your contact details below: