3. For each of the following statements, please select the response that best decribes your experience.

  Never Sometimes Often Always
I participated in Aboriginal activities at school this year.
I participated in Aboriginal activities in my community this year.
Members of the Aboriginal community taught me a lot about Aboriginal traditions this year.
Learning about Aboriginal culture is important to me.
Aboriginal ceremonies and traditions should be part of the school.
I learned about residential schools this year.
It is important to learn about residential schools.
What I learned about Aboriginal culture will change my attitude or behaviour.
I see my culture reflected in the school.
My culture is respected at school.
I feel welcome at school.
I feel cared for at school.
I feel respected at school.
I feel valued at school.
I feel safe at school.

4. Some of the things I like at school are:

5. Some of the Aboriginal activities I took part in at school this year were:

6. The sort of Aboriginal activities I would like to do at school next year are:

7. To me, Aboriginal culture means: